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Aug 7, 2023 - Aug 27, 2023

Find My Why - 5 AM CLUB

  • 21Days
  • 21Steps
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Join the "Find My Why" challenge. This 21-day program offers: - A pathway to a happier life - A clearer understanding of what you truly love doing - The opportunity to meet and connect with inspiring individuals during a daily live Zoom session at 5 AM CEST - A substantial energy boost - Priceless experience at no cost The one-hour daily sessions at 5 AM CEST total 21 hours that can help redirect your life towards greater joy and fulfillment. You can participate for free or choose to "Pay As You Love". Why "Pay As You Love"? Abhinav Ubuntu has devoted his time for free guiding over 800 students in the past. Through this experience, he learned a valuable lesson: people often lack motivation when something is completely free. 44% complete this challenge (which is still pretty high for 21 days online live sessions). This drop-off often happens because people don't fear losing anything. However, they're losing more than they can imagine — the chance to truly transform their lives. They miss the opportunity to understand what it's like to wake up each morning excited to do what they love, creating their own positive reality. If you're serious about discovering your purpose, we suggest a deposit of 77€. This 'fear of losing money' deposit helps you stay committed. We guarantee your satisfaction — if you complete the journey and aren't satisfied, your deposit will be refunded. The program's value is estimated at a minimum of 2,000€ due to its potential positive impacts.

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